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"A Freelance Designer, Developer & 3D Artist"

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Vaccine App

Vaccine App by Danish GSK

Mobile product lead

Vaccine app was re-designed and re-developed after taken down from apple store because of the 64-bit requierment of the applications at app store. I was given the task to re-design the application and the task to lead the overal project of the application from start to finish.

Arzerra App

Arzerra IOS Augmented Reality App

Lead developer

Arzerra is an Augmented reality app for IOS where the user is presented with the information about this canser product in a creative way. There are animations playng everytime a user taps on a menu item. And a video to explane more from a medical perspective. My role was to develope this application from start to finish and collaborating with a 3D artist and a designer.

Snøhetta AR App Project

Snøhetta AR App Project

Mobile product lead

Augmented Reality Application Project for the Norwegian World Known Architects Snøhetta. Snøhetta wanted to explore how they could use the Augmented Reality Technology to showcase their work and take it with them on an iPad to show their clients work in progress.

Websites - Design - Development

3D Projects and Personal Work

The Worlds Oldest Coin

Small project from the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, The worlds oldest coin, scanned by the Viking Ship Museum, sent to me in order to make it realistic.

Petroglyph Stone

Small project from the Viking ship Museum in Oslo, The whole purpose with doing the Petroglyph Stone into a digital 3D model is because the red ink on the stone damages the stone over time. And this is something scientists just discovered. This migh be a great solution to a problem for preservering the Petroglyph Stones.

Personal Work

Anatomy Study of the torso (the back)

Personal Work

Anatomy Study of the torso (the chest)

Cinematics Workshop Gilberto Magno

Working on a character from start to finish for cinematics

Logo Design and Branding

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